The following regulations are general expectation of your employer.  You must at all times observe them.

Family Rules

  1. Our relationship is based on trust. Please be honest, hard working, clean and tidy. Then we will treat you well like a part of our family.
  2. Personal hygiene, the house’s tidiness and cleanliness is very important, especially to baby.
  3. If you need anything, have any problem or not happy with us in any way, be frank and discuss with us. Don’t hide your feeling. We will treat you as a part of our family and try our best to help.
  4. If feeling sick, tell us immediately, we will pay for all medical expenses. Don’t take drug or wait. You may spread to baby.
  5. Don’t take money from home without asking. Please be honest to us.
  6. Never ever borrow from finance company, no matter how many benefits they said they could offer. These are all lies and you will end up in trouble and never be able to repay their money. Many of them are loan sharks and run by triads. If you have financial problems, talk to us.
  7. Don’t open the door and let anyone in the house when we are not at home. No matter whom they claim they are. No matter they are policemen, government officers, employers of gas, water, electricity companies, or the building watchmen, or anyone. Sometimes wrongdoers may lie, pretend they are sent by us and say we have accidents, trying to cheat your money or ask you to let them in and rob. Be very careful. This is very popular in Hong Kong. Always call us immediately. In case you can’t find us and have serious problems, call 999 for the police or ambulance.
  8. You need to help us to protect all furniture, floor and everything inside our house. If you damage them, we have a right to deduct your salary.
  9. Please help to save money, e.g. don’t waste water, gas or electricity. Don’t use air-conditioner, especially when we are not around, unless allowed in advance. We are not rich. Otherwise, we may not have money to hire you for long.
  10. Don’t read our letters, files, books, photos albums or any documents for personal privacy. We will not read yours either.
  11. Don’t tell other people, e.g. the neighbour, your friends, or anyone, anything about us. Please respect our personal privacy. We will respect your privacy too.
  12. Mrs. will take care of everything about the family. Talk to Mrs. if you have any questions or problems. Don’t bring them to Mr. or my parents privately.
  13. Don’t take anything from the house, even just borrow for a few hours or a day, unless you have asked us and are allowed. Again, our relationship bases on trust.
  14. Never spit in the kitchen sink. It’s for food only. Not for personal cleaning or washing clothes. You should do it only in the bathroom sink.
  15. If you need to use IDD, you need to buy your own phone card. You cannot use our phone to call IDD / local call. Never accept collect call, it’s much more expensive. If you use it without permission, charges will be born to you and deducted from your salary in the same month.
  16. You can use your mobile phone only when you are day off.
  17. Don’t give our address and telephone numbers to anyone, especially strangers and employment agents.
  18. The helper shall not take any personal telephone calls during duty, to avoid negligence of helper’s duty and taking care of child/children. In case of an emergency occurs, be sure to ring employer immediately and ask for specific instructions.



  1. You must be politeand greet the employer, his family members, relatives and visitors.
  2. Don’t forget to say THANK YOU at appropriate times.
  3. When visitors come to the house, a maid must always serve the visitors with drink such as tea, juice or soft drink and never hide away after the visitor enter the house.
  4. If your employer happens to play ma-chong game with friends in the house, you have to serve them with drinks from time to time.  This is normal practice for a maid in Hong Kong.
  5. Always be pleasant and respectful to old people in the house.
  6. You must beObedient and Respectful to the employers.
  7. AlwaysFollow Employers’ Instruction. If you do not understand any instruction given to you, ask your employer to repeat by saying “PARDON ME MADAM/SIR”.  It is better to make sure than just to do something wrong.
  8. BeInitiative and Efficient in executing your duties without the employers prompting.
  9. You must follow the instruction and working schedule closely.
  10. Should not smoke and drink alcoholics.
  11. Telephone manner is important.  You must be polite and able to take message for employer during employer’s absence from home.
  12. Do not take afternoon naps.
  13. Always knock the door before entering your employer’s bedroom or the rooms for other family members.
  14. DO NOT bring any booms to your employer’s house, because of Chinese superstition.
  15. DO NOT write any letters during your working days, do it on your holidays.



  1. It is dangerous in Hong Kong to let stranger to enter the house.  Always identify the visitor at the door politely, inform your employer before opening the door.
  2. Always pull the key out after you lock of open the door.
  3. DO NOT talk with other maids, security guards and strangers about your employers home.
  4. MUST lock the doors, gates and windows whenever leave the house.
  5. MUST NOT leave the flame and electrical appliance (including lights) on whenever you leave the house.
  6. MUST keep all kinds of medicine, detergent and cutting tools/knives in a safe place, out of reach of the children.
  7. MUST turn off the gas heater, stove, ventilator, vacuum dust cleaner or cooker every time after use.
  8. Dry your hand before use the electrical appliance.
  9. If you smell any gas, open all the windows and switch off the main gas switch.  DO NOT touch any electrical appliance nor use the telephone.  Any electrical spark may cause explosion.  Bring the children to the security counter at the lobby immediately and use the phone there to call your employers.
  10. Dial999 when there is fire or serious accident.  Call your employer immediately, too.



  1. Always wash your hands before preparing food or cooking.
  2. To be hygienic, MUST take bath daily, wash hands after dumping the garbage or going to toilet.
  3. Your hair must be short and tidy.
  4. Keep your personal belongings clean and tidy.
  5. When bathing, only use the bathing gel and shampoo.  You are not allowed to use your employer’s cosmetics such as cleanser and lotion, etc.
  6. DO NOT eat in the bedroom.
  7. DO NOT use any nail polish on finger and toes while on duty.
  8. DO NOT put on make-up while on duty, even when you are going out to do family shopping.
  9. DO NOT wear tight jeans, pants, low-cut or tight T-shirt while you are working.  Do not go the parlour in pyjamas.
  10. Must take bath daily before going to bed, and wash you own cloths separately from those of your employer and the children (especially the under-wear), don’t wash your own cloths by the washing machine together with theirs.
  11. If your employer requests you to wear uniform, you must obey and you have no right to refuse.
  12. DO NOT use employer’s belongings and articles, if you want to eat some snack food besides those food for breakfast, lunch and dinner (e.g. candy, nuts, fruits, cakes, soft-drink, etc.) you must ask for your employer’s permission.
  13. NEVER eat with fingers and hands when at table.  MUST use chopsticks, or spoon, or fork.  Never start eating before your employer.
  14. DO NOT chat with your friends on the phone and never ring your friends unless with the consent of your employer to do so.
  15. MUST NOT bring visitors to the employer’s house unless with the consent of the employer.
  16. NEVER gather with other Filipino maids near your living place, especially when you are bringing their kids down to the street to catch the school bus or going to the market.  You give very bad impress to your employer if they see you chatting or laughing with your Filipino friends outside their house or down the street.


  1. You will be required to sleep and attend the child/children, even during the night time.
  2. All drinking water must be boiled to boiling point before serving.  All electrical appliances and rice cookers cannot be dipped into water for washing.  Clean with a piece of slightly wet cloth.
  3. Use separate towels for different purpose.  Such as sweeping floor, cleaning furniture, cleaning dining table, washing oily dishes, washing cups, washing basin and washing toilet, you should use separate towel for each purpose.
  4. Washing of car and caring of pets (e.g. dogs and cats) are part of your duties, with NO EXTRA ALLOWANCE.
  5. Do child’s own laundry or hand wash when necessary
  6. It is important to save the valuable resource of earth.  Do not over-consume the water and detergent.



General Household Tasks

  1. The helper should inform the employer before any household items and food stuff is out of stock. As instructed by the employer, the helper should go to the market to purchase the required items.
  2. The helper shall not open any drawers, closets and safe locked of the employer.
  3. The household cleaning duties generally covers the following areas:


Bedroom floor, windows, desk tops, wardrobes, lampshades & mirrors.

Sitting and dining room

-Telephone, lampshades, light bulbs, cupboard, tea table, furniture in the room.


Cupboards, wall tiles, cooker, gas stove, pots, kitchen sink, kitchen floor, exhaust fan, kitchen utensils and garbage bucket.


-Bathroom floor, bathroom wall tiles, mirror, toilet sink, toilet bowl and shower area.

Electrical Appliances

-Television, refrigerator, washing machine, electric water pot, bender/food processor, electric fan, vacuum cleaner, steamers, iron, telephones, shavers, sewing machine, ovens, toasters and air conditioning.



  1. For your first 3 months, you are entitled to all statutory holidays without pay.  From the 4th month up to the expiration of your contract, you are entitled to all statutory holidays with pay.


  1. All your holidays are to be arranged by your employer.  Your weekly holiday may not be on a Sunday or Saturday, it can be on any week day as to the convenience of your employer.
  2. You are not allowed to go to church during your working days except on your rest days.
  3. You must not stay overnight outside the employer’s house.  Even on holidays, you are advised to tidy up the kitchen and parlour, prepare some drinking water and wash all the used/dirty cups before leaving the house and you must return to the house not later than 9:30 p.m.



The employer may in writing terminate the contract without notice or payment in lieu of notice if you, in relation to the employment:

  1. wilfully disobey a lawful and reasonable order,
  2. commit misconduct, such misconduct being inconsistent with the due and faithful discharge of your duties,
  3. are guilty of fraud or dishonesty,
  4. are habitually neglectful in your duties,
  5. are unfit for further service as certified by a medical practitioner, or
  6. certified that you have hepatitis B & AIDS.
  7. You must avoid get loan from financer or be guarantor of any loan.
  8. Should you have any dishonest and misconduct behaviors being found, we must send to the Police for justice.
  9.  You are not allowed to leave Hong Kong during your contract period without consent of your employers.
  10. DO NOT leave the house without asking permission from employer.
  11. Part-time jobs outside are strictly forbidden.




Take care of Baby is on Top Priority amongst all duties.   Any harm done on her will lead to termination of contract.



  1. Take good care of child/children even when she is playing and sleeping.
  2. Feeding child/children patiently and encourage her to feed herself.
  3. Accompany and play with child/children as a big sister after finishing necessary household work.
  4. Train child/children to be discipline.  (NO beating is allowed)
  5. Clean the toys once a week.


l            NEVER leave child/children unattended at any time or any place. Always pay attention to child/children even when doing household work.

l            NEVER leave child/children alone in the bathtub when bathing.

l            Dump the garbage every night when Mum/Sir is at home.

l            NEVER beat or hurt her no matter how naughty she is.  Tell Mum/Sir when they are back.

l            When bathing, both in summer and winter, get the water ready first before take off the clothes of child/children.  Do not let her get cold.

l            Report to Mum/Sir if there is any unusual behavior or sickness symptom of child/children.

l            Pay special attention to road safety.  Use proper facilities such as zebra crossing, subway or passenger bridge to cross the road.

l            Taking care of child/children is of top importance ahead of any housework. Be careful of child/children safety. Inform us immediately if you find anything’s wrong with child/children, no matter how small is the problem. If you can’t find us, call my parents. In the event of emergency, call 999 for police or ambulance.

l            When child/children is awake, you must stay and keep an eye on him.

l            Don’t leave the child/children on the sofa or bay window.

l            Don’t shake the child/children.

l            When the child/children is as sleep, remember to switch on the mosquito repellent.

l            You must test the milk’s & congee’s temperature before you feed the child/children. Remember don’t over-shake the bottle.

l            If child/children does anything wrong when he grows older, tell us. Don’t punish him yourself.

l            You can only do the household chores when child/children is as sleep. Always keep an eye on him.

l            Every time before you prepare food, or milk to child/children, you must wash your hands with soap. Please remember, personal hygiene is very important in this house.


I, the undersigned, agree and consider the above regulations are REASONABLE AND ACCEPTABLE and I am willing to observe them and be cooperative with my employer if being employed to Hong Kong.



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